Why Use A Hard Money Loan?

Why A Hard Money Loan? While most people who have anything to do with real estate have heard of hard money, otherwise known as a private money loan, there are still many who can’t imagine a use for it. Who can blame them? The rates and fees are higher than banks charge.  For someone needing

A Funny Way to Remember When Property Taxes are Due

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There are simple things in life that you just never forget. Like tying your shoes and riding a bike.

Then there are those very important things that you should not forget. Like paying your mortgage and property taxes.

Let’s face it and be real with ourselves. Taxes are an ongoing responsibility of real estate ownership and it doesn’t matter whether you have a mortgage loan on your property or you own it free and clear. As the famous Benjamin Franklin so gently put it, taxes are one of those things we simply cannot avoid.

Funded: $95,000 Private Money Loan in Fresno, CA (6-Unit Apartment Building)

Fresno, CA – Fresno County Loan Summary: 6-Unit Apartment Building $95,000 Loan Amount (1st Lien) 32% Loan-to-Value Investment Property The Funded Loans series is designed to give you a better idea of actual transactions we have recently closed. We hope the examples of different loan scenarios will help you get a better understanding of the

Sonoma County Foreclosures Go Down, Home Values Go Up

The Press Democrat published a new article on their blog regarding our local real estate market in 2013: Sonoma County Foreclosures Drop to Lowest Level in Seven Years.

As you can see in the Market Snapshot from GreatHomes.org, the median home prices showed a big increase from January 2013 to December 2013.

Home Values in Sonoma County, California

Qualifying for a Loan When Rental Income is Not Reported on Your Tax Returns

Rental Income







Do you own more than one property?

If you have applied for a traditional mortgage loan in the past 5 years, you may be aware of the technicalities of using income from rental properties to qualify for your new loan.

This can be a challenge for both purchase and refinance transactions.

Property Types

Residential, Single Family Dwelling Planned Unit Development Duplex Triplex 4-Plex Condos (Low rise and high rise) Townhouse Rural Properties Acreage Apartments Automotive shops Restaurants Self-storage Free standing retail Single tenant office building Warehouse Multi-tenant industrial Manufactured housing park (Mobile home park) Strip mall Outlet mall Vacant land Mixed-use properties Commercial Agricultural Manufactured homes on permanent