How Do I Get A Loan With Bad Credit?

It is truly disappointing that basic classes in finance and accounting have yet to be added as mandatory coursework for our nation’s high schools or colleges. When it comes to preparing America’s youth for life in the adult world, lessons like managing accounts, balancing budgets, and building credit are paramount for financial success. And yet,

What Is The Difference Between Hard Money Loans and Private Money Loans?

The Difference between Hard Money Loans and Private Money Loans If you’re considering investing in real estate, there are many reasons to appreciate hard money and private money loans.  This is especially the case when you compare them to more traditional lending options like bank loans. If you’re agonizing over how to get a home loan

How to Estimate Your Loan Amount on a Cash-Out Refinance

Private Money Loans

Have you ever filled out a mortgage application and didn’t know exactly what number you should put into the Loan Amount box?

If you have done a cash-out refinance in the past, perhaps you’ve been surprised to find out that you were not getting as much cash back as you initially thought.

Calculating a loan amount is pretty straight-forward on a purchase transaction, but a refinance loan can be pretty tricky – especially on a cash-out refinance.