Buying a Property Based on After-Repair Value (ARV) Using a Private Money Loan

Interviewer: Are you doing any loans based on after repair value? Todd Wilson:   We are doing some and the key to those is the borrower still has to have some money into the deal.  If they don’t have any skin in the game, there is no investor that we know of, that’s going to

Pros & Cons of ‘Buy & Hold’ Real Estate Investing [Infographic]

Real estate investing can take many forms. Some investors Flip, some wholesale, and others hold the properties for long-term cash flow and equity growth. This infographic from shows a quick comparison in the Pros and Cons for the Buy and Hold investment strategy. Enjoy!  More From Private Money Blog… Want to learn more about

How Lenders Calculate Your Rental Income

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There’s no doubt about it. Cash flow is a good thing.

This article will explain how a mortgage lender or bank may view your rental income when you are applying for a new mortgage loan.

To keep things simple, I am using an example of a rental property with a monthly gross rental income of $1,000.

(Rental income before any expenses.)

4 Essential Tips to Refinance Your Investment Property with Ease

By Gabriel Knight

Just like residential properties, it’s possible to refinance your investment property as well. In fact a refinance is a suitable solution for people who struggle to manage the loan on their investment properties. Refinancing will help to keep the interest rate low and structure the investment property debt in a way to increase the chances of making profit.

4 Most effective tips that will help to refinance investment property

Success Stories

The Success Stories page is a combination of recently funded loans and examples of how our clients have benefited from using a private money loan to purchase and refinance their properties. Featured stories: Cash-Out Refinance for Debt Consolidation and Savings Examples of previously funded loans: $450,000 in Woodside, CA (3 bed/ 3 bath) $161,350 in