What our clients and industry partners are saying…

“…I cant say thank you enough for helping us out with the lender. We’ve moved in and are enjoying the house. It was a lot of work but we’ve put in all the flooring, painted and working on the yard.

It was truly a blessing that we got in touch with you. You were the reason we were able to make it all happen. If you would send me some of your business cards i would love to refer you to people who cant get a conv. loan like myself.” 

– J.H. , Clearlake, CA

“I have used ARC twice with very satisfactory results. Efficient, very cordial and I got what was promised. I would definitely recommend ARC  to my friends and associates.”

– A.S.

“We really want to thank you all so much for your help especially the expeditious processing of our loan.  We will definitely refer you to our friends and relatives who may need your services. Thank you.”

–  S.L.

“I was confident that you would get the job done!”

– J.S.

“ARC Capital is friendly & easy to communicate with- prompt at returning phone calls etc.”

– D.Y.

“The loan process ended up being up being much easier and quicker than I expected. I have found ARC Capital to be honest, pro-active and pleasant to deal with. I would recommend ARC Capital without hesitation to anyone looking to finance a home or other property.”

–  D.F.

“My husband and I looked for a home to purchase for almost a year.  We were pre-approved for a conventional loan so when we found the perfect house we thought everything was set. The original loan fell through and our dream of purchasing this house seemed like it was over. 

The loan broker said we qualified for a different loan but he needed 45 days to close and the house had to be closed in 2 weeks because the house was a short sale and the bank wanted to close by the end of the year.  Our loan broker told me he knew of a company that could help to close quickly, ARC.  

ARC Capital staff called me the next day and we put everything together and closed on time.  I never thought that it was possible.  ARC staff was extremely professional with every step and helped to close the loan efficiently. I would highly recommend them.”

– T.V.

“We here at Solano Mortgage have closed several transactions with the team over at ARC Capital. They are fast, fair, honest, and call us back in a timely manner. They have always come through for us and are at the top of our list when it comes to private money transactions”.

– A.C.

“I definitely like working with ARC and I would recommend you. I have worked with ARC a few times and we have successfully gotten clients into a home.”

– J.R.

“I am so impressed at how quick you did the private loan money.”

– C.M.

“You guys were a GODSEND to me! It’s finally over. Thank you for being there for me. :-)”

– R.R.

“You guys do an amazing job and will always send my private money deals to you.  I also recommend you to anyone that inquires about private money.” 

– L.M.

“Thank you for the clear communication and let me know if there is anything to do on my part.”

– R.M.

“Wow, this is exciting! Thank you all for your work on this file!”

– B.R.

“I had a very positive experience with ARC Capital. All members of their team were responsive to my questions. I hope to do more business with them in the future.”

– R.M.

“Thanks for the work on these deal we do. You make everyone all the way to the borrower and beyond happy.”

– J.F.

“I am very happy with the job you and everyone at ARC has done and you are my go to on hard money loans and I have put the word out to my company also.  Thanks.”

– D.A.

“Thank you for all your work – look forward to working with you in the future…”

– T.A.

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