Why Use A Hard Money Loan?

Why A Hard Money Loan? While most people who have anything to do with real estate have heard of hard money, otherwise known as a private money loan, there are still many who can’t imagine a use for it. Who can blame them? The rates and fees are higher than banks charge.  For someone needing

Mailbag: Loans for People with a Previous Bankruptcy, Short Sale, or Foreclosure

Scenario / Question:

“Hello ARC Capital”,

I am trying to find ways to help some of my clients…

Some of my clients are probably ready to buy at this time. Others have had a foreclosure, short sale and /or bankruptcy in the past 1,2,3 years.

I do not know if there is a possibility for them. Could you please help me and my clients get some information and possibilities and/or hope?

Thank you for your attention.”

(Submitted by a real estate agent)



The Rules of Real Estate and Lending Have ChangedMajor banks shut their doors. Property values plummeted. Families were faced with the reality of bankruptcies, short sales, and foreclosures. As you know, the past five years have been challenging for many families. If you have tried to apply for a mortgage loan through a bank or

How a Woman Got a Loan After Learning Her House Was Built Without Permits

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How to Buy an Investment Property Based on ARV: After-Repair Value

Todd Wilson explains how real estate investors are able to acquire (purchase) a property and finance the costs of the rehab based on the after-repair value. (ARV) This is for short-term real estate deals where the investor will fix up the property and flip it for a quick sale and profit. More From Private Money

Sonoma County Home Values for April 2014

Sonoma County Home Values - April 2014

Median Home Prices for April 2014 (Single Family Homes)

According to the Bay Area Real Estate Information Services, the median home prices for single family homes in Sonoma County decreased to $439,475 for the month of April.

That’s a 15.7% increase in prices from April of 2013!  You can see the breakdown by city below.

Funded: $135,000 Private Money Loan in Vallejo, CA (Solano County)

Vallejo, CA – Solano County Loan Summary: 1,344 Square Foot Townhome 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom $135,000 Loan Amount (1st Mortgage) 60% Loan-to-Value The Funded Loans series is designed to give you a better idea of actual transactions we have recently closed. We hope the examples of different loan scenarios will help you get a better