Sonoma County Home Values for April 2014

Sonoma County Home Values - April 2014

Median Home Prices for April 2014 (Single Family Homes)

According to the Bay Area Real Estate Information Services, the median home prices for single family homes in Sonoma County decreased to $439,475 for the month of April.

That’s a 15.7% increase in prices from April of 2013!  You can see the breakdown by city below.

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4 Essential Tips to Refinance Your Investment Property with Ease

By Gabriel Knight

Just like residential properties, it’s possible to refinance your investment property as well. In fact a refinance is a suitable solution for people who struggle to manage the loan on their investment properties. Refinancing will help to keep the interest rate low and structure the investment property debt in a way to increase the chances of making profit.

4 Most effective tips that will help to refinance investment property